An award winning actor with 20+ years experience on camera and behind the mic, Dawn Davis is the:

Coach in Your Corner

"Speaking in public has always been a challenge for me, but even more so, being taking seriously as an artist - imposter syndrome. Using your tools to calm myself and be prepared for questions were the most valuable and useful things about our sessions. I got my money's worth and more."
                                     ~ Kat, Artist & Coaching Client


I'm so glad you're here ~ Congratulations! 


You've taken the first step to becoming your best self on the mic or on camera - even your cell phone camera!

We're living in a world where it has become so important for entrepreneurs and individuals alike to be 'out front' and 'seen' on social media.

You're not comfortable putting yourself out there - I understand - I wasn't always comfortable either.

I learned some tips and tricks that helped me become more comfortable. Let's talk about how they can help you.

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